We Are Rich

Finally, all our hard work is paying off. The check is in the mail.


Your overdue Inheritance/Contract payment valued at
US$2,000,000.00 has been approved to be transferred to you before the end of next week.

Your payment codes are; Transfer code is: 695823HG and Payment Reference number is: LL214572. You will be able to collect your money at any Bank in your country as soon as the approval document is endorsed. Therefore you are required to provide US$149.22 to the High Court of Nigeria to endorse the approval document.


Dr. Benson Sonya.
Legal Operator,
Federal Ministry of Finance.


Stefani said...

wow, can you cut us in on some of the action? hee hee!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

so jealous!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i got an email two days ago from internal revenue saying that they had like $143.87 for me if i just write them back and to download something while i was at it.


sheila said...

oh yes, that sounds so good!

I want at least half ok?

and no.... WE are Rich. hahaha

BrookeandSpence said...

Spence has received about 3 of those in the mail in the past 6 months all from different countries. Sigh, if only it were true!

somebody said...