It has been a while, I am not very consistent with this. Sorry. I've been spending quite a bit of time looking for things on Craigslist for the baby's room, and I just want to vent about a few things:

1. Put a picture with your item. Why even bother posting something online if you don't have a picture?

2. PLEASE put the dimensions of your item in the description. People, if you area as serious about selling your dresser/couch/crib/piece of furniture as I am about buying it then tell me how big the darn thing is.

3. Don't post an item and then go on vacation for three days. Post it when you get back from your trip and will actually respond to my queries.

4. If you've sold your item please respond to my emails, or at the very least take your post down.

Do you think I've missed anything?


Becky said...

No you are RIGHT ON with each of those! IT BUGS!

I was out of the internet sphere this summer so I just found out you are prego! Congratulations! I love those artsy pics your honey took! Classy as always! You are a VERY cute pregnant woman!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

5. don't murder me when i come to pick stuff up at your house

i love craigslist, but that is always in the back of my mind- haha

michelle said...

Don't post a picture that you swiped from the internet. I know what the stroller looks like brand new - I want to know what YOUR stroller looks like.

Bille said...

Yes, please don't kill me, and please take a picture of the actual beat up thing you are selling. Amen ladies!

jordan said...

cry baby.

Sofia Deyanira said...

If you are pregnant and want to buy something on CL, you should be moved to first in line. :)

Bille said...

A little frustrated? I can certainly understand why!!

somebody said...