Ruby Green

Okay Ruby Green, you've got me. I am completely charmed by your styling, by the fact that your little red head reminds me of Ann Margaret, and finally that you have the zigzag fabric I've been searching for. However, I do not find $90 for a yard of fabric overly charming.


Becky said...

$90 a yard! Sheesh! That is some fabric!

After THREE years you just changed your name? I always loved saying Mike Gniewosz in high school. I think when I said hi to Mike I always said his last name...it's so cool! But, good for you B. way to do it before the babe comes. ;)

Lara Tanner said...

Hi Bille,
I was just checking your blog to see how to spell your last name, and here I find out you just barely changed it!
So, I see your post about zigzag fabric and I am physically unable to resist trying to find stuff for people on the internet. It's like a sickness or something. So, I found a listing for ebay and the seller has a pink and a blue zigzag pattern that look similar to the picture you posted: http://cgi.ebay.com/Summer-Soiree-Fabric-Pink-White-Chevron-ZigZag-Stripe_W0QQitemZ350227972374QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=&itemid=350227972374. It's 100% cotton and they're asking $9/yard plus $3 shipping.
Also, I found a company called Quadrille that is carried in a San Fransciso store called Shears & Windows at 101 Henry Adams St. Their Adam Campbell line features several different sizes and variations of zigzag patterns, but they are more primitive in design, so may not be what you want. The company's website is quadrillefabrics.com and the phone number for Shears & Windows is 415-621-0911.
Hope you can find what you're looking for. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

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