Months ago my friend Tracy gave me some pretty fabric to make throw pillows, and I finally got around to making them. Tracy gave me a beautiful piece of Ikat as well as some yummy cream velvety fabric. I had on hand a raspberry silk faille skirt I'd pulled to pieces. I fell in love with this pillow and decided I would try to recreate it with my skirt fabric and the leftover pieces of the cream velvet (I used the majority of the velvet for the back of the Ikat pillow).

Here is the Ikat:

and here is the mitered pillow:

Mitered pillow I defy you!

The person who made the original started with striped fabric, but I decided I needed a real headache and made my own stripes. Whatever, I am happy with the results, and happy that I used the skirt fabric for something useful.

I found this tutorial for making more graphic mitered pillows. Take a look if you think you might want to make one, or at least the illusion of mitered corners without all the work.


a mermaid said...

holy mother i suck at mietered corners (did i spell that right??) so i am SO IMPRESSED! i mean it's impressively cool anyway, but yeah, i'm just in awe. :)

a mermaid said...

oh mitered. of course.

Brooke said...

Bille nice pillows my dear. I am so excited for you and Mike to be parents. WOW - parenthood is amazing. Good luck with the labor, ha ha.
Brooke Rasmussen

Jess said...

Quit goofing around and go have your kid.

Becky said...

I love the mitered pillow and your lamp and your cute yellow flowers!!!

somebody said...