Two birthdays and an anniversary

Mike's birthday and mine are five days apart, and then 12 days later we celebrate our anniversary. So, this year I turned 30, Mike 31, and we celebrated 5 years of being married. Mike threw together a little surprise party for me. True to form I was late to my own party, but in my defense I had not idea there were people waiting at our house, and was I really going to skip out on dessert on my birthday?

That weekend for Mike's birthday we went camping at Sunset beach down around Santa Cruz. It was a slow (hot) relaxing weekend filled with s'mores, sand, hotdogs, strawberries and popcorn.

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Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday {and Anniversary!!} you guys!! The party looks really cute and camping looks like it was a blast! I wish I had been there to celebrate with a birthday macaron for you (and one for Mike!!). I owe you one!

Happy Birthday!! Love you!! <3 Chelsea