17 and 18 months

Wow this blog has been woefully neglected! We have been having lots of fun, going places, seeing things and doing new stuff. I did take Nico's 17 and 18 month pictures, so I guess I better put them up before she turns 19 months!

I did Nico's 18 month pictures right after she woke up from a nap. I guess she was not all the way awake.

Outside of church. I think this was one of the last Sundays before Nico went into nursery. Hooray for nursery!


Peter and Amber said...

I love nursery! It's so nice finally being able to pay attention in class again! :-) She is a doll Bille!

Klarissa said...

I love the aftermath shot after the tantrum. I cannot believe it is nursery for Nico already! Darling photos as always!

Bryan and Sarah said...

She is just the cutest baby. You have such a beautiful family.

Chelsea said...

She's uh-dorable! She's such a lil' model making fish faces at the camera. I love it!

And you look gorgeous at church. Eric says you look like "adults" :D