Where Are You?

Why is it that whenever I really, really, really want to talk to someone in any sort of administration positions {in this case at BYUH} they don't answer their phone? Is it just my lousy timing? It is the end of the semester. Or perhaps they are off island {my favorite}. Would it be SO hard to update the answering machine to say at the end something like, "due to no one being at school right now I have decide to go away on a fabulous vacation. I will however be back on {insert date here}. So sit tight." No one does and I just keep calling and wondering, is she late getting into the office? Is she still working there? Is she really going to be gone for the next 3 weeks?


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

who is it? i'll hunt her down! :)

modestmuse said...

You expected more from BYUH? That's where I coined the term "Hawaii answer." As in, "do you REALLY have to get all of your childhood immunizations redone, go to three diff. bldgs. across campus and pay $25 for a registration form?"
"Well, they told me yes, but I think they were just giving me a Hawaii answer." (it seems to be related to trying to be helpful (or save face? or horrible organization on campus? or the 'Aloha spirit'?? and the ill-conceived theory that some answer, however unhelpful, is better than no answer.
Vent. Sorry. :)

Bille said...

I am right there with you MM. It does go without saying that I should not expect more. I must have had a lapse of memory!

Ashley said...

I hate BYU Hawaii. Oh wait, no I don't, they sent me a diploma.

somebody said...