Frizz Be Gone!

I got this from a stash that a roommate in Hawaii left when she moved out, but I never used it because trying to fight the humidity in Hawaii was a losing battle. After using this on my hair yesterday I wonder if it might have worked in Hawaii after all. On a normal day if I had not used this stuff it would have looked like a I had a greasy, rat-nest, pile-o-trash on my head, but not so. Let me tell you what my hair had to go up against Saturday, and then you dear reader can judged for yourself whether or not you think this product passed mustard.

We drove from Morgan Hill to the Laguna Seca race track ( about 90 minutes) in crazy hot heat without AC. The windows were down all the way, all the time. That alone would have done it for my mop, especially going through the different climate change from sweaty heat to sticky coastal humidity. By the time we got to the track (I was all sweaty) my hair still looked fairly unmangled. We spent the next several hours walking around the dusty track, while the hot wind whipped dust and grime all over the place, while I was constantly pulling my hair out of my face. We then drove back with the windows down, I took a nap on the way (another hair grease-ifyer), changed clothes in a parking lot, went to a church meeting and came home. All this was done without the aid of a brush or touch-up, though I will admit I badly wanted one. And Sunday morning when I woke up Mike said my hair still looked pretty good (minus the flat, bald looking spot in the back) and I would have skipped a shower, except I was pretty grimy from the other day.

So what do you think? Not the best picture, but by this time (we were about to leave the track) my hair would have succumbed to my greasy sweaty face and just been gross and looked like day old spaghetti. I used this stuff one other time when we went to San Fransisco, and it worked like a charm there too. Only, I did not think it was that monumental because I was not in a wind tunnel the entire day.


MommyCat said...

Wow....looks really good..U sure you never brushed through it ;)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

nice! i want to cut my hair short every time i see a picture of you and your fabulous do.

Melissa said...

looking HOT!!

maybe I should bukai12
y myself some of that.

Keoni and Sheila said...

ooooh, I really like your hair- its so different and I haven't seen a pic of you for a while, I almost forgot you cut it. It's so 'posh'... but better. Keoni's uncle (who cuts our hair) loves any type of Matrix product. I only used samples and stuff he gave me for free, because it was more expensive than cosco, but it worked when I used it. ok this is long enough, bye

Brooke said...

you have great hair. and i swear you could be your mom in these pictures.

somebody said...