More Seattle

Spencer and me eating gator ribs. They were pretty tasty, a nice light meat.

Ashley, looking cool and pregnant.

Mike's sweet tooth rears it's head.

Seattle central library. When I was going thought the sites to see book this was in there and I thought, meh, if we have time we might get around to it. We were all really glad we stopped in, this building is amazing! It cost something like 193 million dollars to build, totally worth it in my opinion. I wish we had more pictures that did it justice. If you are in Seattle I would definitely go check it out.

Frozen yogurt and a walk on the docks in Kirkland.


MommyCat said...

Look like u guys had a great time :) Um, gator ribs...ew!

Ashley said...

How awesome is my face in that first picture? I'm so pasty. My hair is another story.

We're glad you guys for a visit; next time stay forever.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i seriously laughed out loud (yes, LOL) at the picture and comment about mike's sweet tooth- i remember the time he finished off the cinnamon rolls...etc. he is a wonder!

also ashley looks so good as a pregnant woman and you both have great hair cuts. way to be everyone, carry on.

Anonymous said...