The Rest

So my mom and dad woke me up by singing happy birthday and giving me a microplane zester, which I have been wanting.  It must have left a great impression on me because I promptly fell back asleep (it was early!) and dreamt about zesting limes.  

In the evening my mom gave me my other present, an amber ring she got in Poland several years before I was born.  It is one of those things that belongs to her that all of us were always trying on and asking if we could borrow.  I really love it and how appropriate that she got it in Poland, right?

And Mike got me a subscription to Dwell magazine and this:

Pretty awesome right?!  I certainly didn't see that coming.  He was so clever about it too.  I got home and he gave me my gift, in a small box.  I opened it and saw that it was an iTouch, and thought, this is really nice but why did he get this?  He knows I hardly use my iPod.  And then he said, "I even got it engraved"  so I look on the back and it says, "It's not an iPhone, but it was free."  And maybe you don't know this, but if you get an apple computer right now, you get a free iTouch.  So he sent me to my room and there was this beautiful box and a lovely card, telling me it was all mine and, "I hope this gift brings you much creative happiness."  What a darling, dear wonderful, thoughtful man I have.  Thank you Mike for being so great! You certainly have me stumped on what to get you.

p.s. this thing is a bazillion times faster than our laptop.