More, More, More

I said I would put up some more pictures from Seattle so here are some more.

A small disclaimer for this post, I realize I have a lot of pictures of myself up here (and all over this blog) and it is not because I think everyone would really like to look at my face all day long. Usually Mike is the one taking the pictures (just try and pry the camera away from him I dare you!) so most of our pictures have me in them. So, sorry if you get sick of seeing me or think I am incredibly vain.

Anybody who watched Twin Peaks should recognize this place, it is the Great Northern Hotel. We also went to the diner from the show, where they have the world famous cherry pie.

The rhododendrons were in full gorgeous bloom while we were there, perfect backdrop for pictures

There's that cherry pie

Gasworks park

Ashley, looking very small


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing more pics. Gasworks park was really incredible, eh?

I need some sun...

AJ said...

When are you moving up here?

I ALWAYS want to pull over and pick the poppies because it is LEGAL here! I love that you did.

The cement arch ways remind me of the Dharma initiative for some reason.

Bille said...

I was thinking the same things when I picked those poppies, and I felt a little reckless doing it too! Totally Dharma material, I agree.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i kept waiting for a delightful amount of YOU but i would say there was a good assortment- although i could always use more you with that great hair of yours and i like the scarf and sweater.

Randy and Danielle said...

I always love seeing your face.

somebody said...