Weekend Update

This weekend our good friend Nick and his girlfriend Brooke came and visited.

Friday night we went for a walk in Pacific Heights. If you ever want to see blocks of multi-million dollar homes and giant mansions this is the place. We stopped by Danielle Steel's mansion but the giant hedges and barb wire fence kept us from peeking in her windows. We also saw a home that kind of looked like a giant fridge. Afterward, we ate at this great little Italian place in North Beach, Sodini's Green Valley Restaurant.

The next day we met up with the Beesleys and spent the morning hanging out at the Ferry Building and at the farmer's market there. Later on we did the tourist thing and visited the Golden Gate bridge.

Overall, an exhausting but fun weekend.

No one was sure what Nick sat in.


Ashley said...

That picture of Sharon and the kids is great. And we totally have that Sony camera.

Sharon said...

oh my gosh. that picture of me and the kids is hawt. i want i want i want. you are awesome mike.

sheila said...

I don't think I'd want to know what your friend sat in either. And as usual.... great pictures!

BrookeandSpence said...

Look's like a fun weekend! How does Nick's bum always end up in photos. I have a few from high school from the same vantage point. Let's chat soon.

Michelle Nielsen said...

Enjoyed the shot of Nick's bum. I was hoping to see a shot of his girlfriend. I'll be amking a trip to San Jose in April with the boys (crazy!) when Danny comes home. (Trev will be in Guatemala)Can't wait to see you!

somebody said...