Why do I always blog on the weekends? Because I am not a real blogger.

Sorry can't get enough of these leg/bum pictures.

We took a trip to anthropologie to see some things in person and find out how they fit (sob, sob). One of my former co-workers noticed that I had painted my nails, and said that things must be going pretty well if I had time to get them done (she has two kids). I was thinking the same thing last night as I was doing them, something I would never have understood before having Nico. After shopping we grabbed sandwiches and dessert from La Boulange and headed over to the Legion of Honor. Oh chocolate eclairs I love you.

When we finished our gluttonous meal we went for a very little hike. We figured that Nico would fall asleep in the Bjorn, but she was wide eyed and very alert the whole time.

It is so fun to do all these "firsts" with her. True, most of the time she sleeps right through whatever it is we are doing (walking across Golden Gate Bridge for instance) but it still seems exciting to get to do them with her her first time around. She is so new! Here she is wide awake at the end of the hike.

She had begun to be able to put her hands in her mouth and I love listening to her sucking and slurping on her them. Along with eating her hands she can now scratch herself with real gusto, thus the scratch on her nose, bad mom for not clipping her nails better.

And one last pictures of her smiling.


Becky said...

So so so cute!! Great pictures!

Sofia Deyanira said...

Precious photos of the little one Bille! p.s. You have a new body, and especially if you are nursing, your body will be different for a while. Just embrace it and go up a size or two! You are still gorgeous!

Tracy Haws said...

I agree, you are gorgeous and so is your daughter. Hang in there and just tell yourself it's worth it to have Nico here with you.

somebody said...