More weekend pictures

Check out the lady with the purple hair, I love Eastern Europeans.


pillingfamily said...

who's gonna get Purple out of there when the tide comes in ?

Bille said...

Funny you should ask, her son went to the hotel and had an Italian couple granny sit her while he was gone, then he came back and fetched her. Sara, Brent and Mike all asked if she had been abandoned, thank goodness I was nosing in on their conversation.

MommyCat said...

Love the hair LOL Oh and just wanted to say that U look really good Boo :)

p.s I tagged U for a Meme..check out my Blog

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

love the purple hair but the photo above has my heart all a flutter- what an attractive pair of beach-goers. :)

The Hale Family said...

Bille Grandy! This is Jen "Kusch" Hale! I saw your comment on Michelle Nielsen's blog! I have been wondering where you are. I never did get to see you before you got married...congrats!!! You can check out our blog:
Tell your family hi!

somebody said...