Do you look at Nicole's blog a little sussy? If not you should because it is full of pretty things and little gems like bread recipes. I was at Nicole's place Friday while she was making this bread and the house smelled so good. I got the recipe and made it twice over the weekend, once at my house and once at my parent's. This bread is so delicious, and super easy to make. So stop what you are doing and go make it. Here is the recipe for Sullivan no knead bread and some prettier pictures of the bread.


sheila said...

i like bread.
well, ok then. I'll make it.

you aren't going to be in SLC this weekend by some small chance?

:( because we will be,
and then after that I will become long and farther away from you. deep into the Eastern World. further and further from sunny San Fran. into the dark abyss. frumping and melting into deep depression because of the amount of distance between us.

geez i should have wrote you an email, but i'm lazy.

MommyCat said...

delicious bread indeed ;)

Anonymous said...