Looking for Art

I find myself looking for little bits of art to put up in our place and I always end up at etsy. Then I get really overwhelmed and I stop looking. Because really, who can navigate through everything that is there with out getting overwhelmed? So for the most part I avoid etsy. At least until I see some lovely little thing on someone's blog and the cycle starts again. 20x200 is a good place. Any suggestions for some great sellers who make beautiful art? Here are a few from etsy I like:


sheila said...

ooooh, I'm liking all these posts.

why don't you just blow up something shot by your talented husband?

Or you could make something yourself. just buy some canvas and paint away. This site has an easy idea:

or you could find some chic fabric and make fabric art:

I've always wanted to try that. Maybe soon.
I'm still trying to put some ideas for Kailani's mobile.

AJ said...

my blog reader got deleted so I have not been keeping up to date with my blogging. love the new header. love ALL the posts. thanks for sahring.

somebody said...