New Favorite

I really love perfume, and I love discovering new favorites. When I have a bit of time to kill I will go to a departments store or a Sephora and get a few samples made. I never test them out in the store because there are always too many conflicting smells. I will try out each sample for a few days to see how I like the scent, unless it is really terrible then I just chuck the sample. It is important that I like the scent in all its stages, from the beginning top notes to the dry down at the end. Fracas is my current favorite, it is lovely and complex from beginning to end.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh you are a classy lady.

remember when you compared maybe baby and lamb for me? what a pal, i tell you what.

i like learning these things from you friend, you have impeccable taste.

Stefani said...

Oh, good to know. I hate trying random ones because if I don't like them they usually make me sick to my stomach.

I'm gonna try this one... and if I get sick, I'm blaming you. lol!

sheila said...

how is that one like? clean? musty? rosey?

ditto with stephanie, you are classy.
I remember you liking those smelly soaps, those yellow chinese ones, at the swap meet. I'm lazy and just use Keoni's irish spring soap.

oh, and I saw Mike on little sussy being a model. he's quite the lovely model, I must say.
Was that you holding the umbrella, bille? I couldn't tell that well.

Bille said...

i should have put a big disclaimer up about my choices of perfume, i usually like big bold scents. so if ever i recommend something that gives you a headache or makes you sick, well I warned you. Sheila is a floral, lots of tuberose and it has this buttery quality to it. Yup that was mike and jordan is the one holding the reflector.

Anonymous said...